"We really want to thank you for the help and commitment you put in to help Jordan achieve her ‘B’ grade in A Level English Literature, she couldn’t have done it without your professional help."

Jordan McBallantyne, A Level Literature

"English went well! I got a B which I was over the moon with. Thanks for all of your help with everything, it was so greatly appreciated, hope Tolly is still being her mischievous self xx"

Heather McDonald, A Level Literature

"Thank you for teaching me Jane, you were a very patient teacher and were there every step of the way, I cannot thank you enough for lifting my grades from level 3/C in the mocks to Level 9/A* in my Literature and Language GCSE and IGCSE exams."

Mathew John, GCSE

"Thanks so much Jane, I know I wouldn’t have been able to achieve my Level 9 in Literature and 8 in Language without you!"

Rhea Puri, GCSE

"Jane’s lessons really helped my confidence and skill in English; I went from a disappointing 4 in my mock, to an 8 in English Literature in my real exam and a 7 in my Language exam. She gave me great strategies to achieve my potential!"

Sophie Byrom, GCSE

"I owe so much to you Jane: you’ve given me the opportunity to bring out my true writing style! I couldn’t have achieved my Level 8 in Language and 7 in Literature without you, thank you."

Acel Jain, GCSE

"I am so pleased with my ‘B’ grade at A Level, I couldn’t have done it without you, Jane"

Lucy Charlesworth, A Level Literature

"Thank you for all your support, Jane, I am delighted with my ‘B’ grade at A Level"

Hannah Hutchinson, A Level Literature

"My ‘B’ grade in AS lit this year wouldn’t have been possible without all your hard work"

Shuaib Ali, A Level Literature AS & continuing to A2

"Thank you for your support and motivation. It was extremely important that Tom had this throughout his final terms at University."

Nigel Shephard, father of Tom - Nottm Trent Design Graduate

"I received an 8 in Lang & 9 in Lit: Thank you so much for all your help and guidance over the years, I’m thrilled with my results"

Ardra Giboy, GCSE

"Just to let you know that Hester got 7s in both her English exams which we are very pleased with. Thanks again for your input and help."

Hester Greatrix, GCSE

"Sam got the ‘B’ equivalent he needed to progress to A Level and he couldn’t have done it without you, Jane. Thanks so much for all your motivation, dedication and skill."

Sam Warren, GCSE

"Rebekah got a 5 and a 6 We are all so happy . Thank you so much for all your tuition, support and friendship."

Rebekah Tyler, GCSE

"So pleased with my results! I got a 6 in Literature and 5 in Language! I'm thrilled! Thank you so much for all you help!"

Caity Vesey GCSE

"I owe my exam success in gaining a ‘B’ in A Level Literature to Jane’s teaching, it’s so useful to be able to lock brains with an academic"

Rebecca Smith ‘A’ Level Literature

"I was taught by Jane from the age of 11 through to GCSE and I will miss our Saturday morning lessons, as they were always interesting; Jane is good company! I was so happy to achieve an A* in Literature and an A in Language."

Vincent Nguyen, GCSE

"GCSE English Lang and Lit Double A* Thanks Jane for all your invaluable help, I’m thrilled with my results!"

Chris Cutajar, GCSE

"I have been working with Jane for 5 years during which time I have learnt a lot; my English language skills have allowed me to progress to the role of Medical Consultant. Jane is a very good tutor, adaptable and effective and I would recommend her for all non-native speakers such as myself who want to achieve proficiency in English."

Dr Gyula Torok, Language development

"Thank you Jane for giving me the confidence to do well in these exams: I achieved a B in both Language and Literature, your emotional as well as academic support really helped me."

Evie Jude, GCSE

"Jane’s tuition has been indispensable throughout my undergraduate law studies. Her professional tuition is combined with a warm and friendly personality, such a combination is such a confidence builder. As an adult learner I have been absent from the education system for many years, I felt that I lacked even the confidence to write work emails. However, with Jane’s assistance I have begun to develop my own academic writing style. My exams results this year have significantly improved; I can confidently say that my academic writing is the main reason for this. I look forward to starting my postgraduate study, and further developing my writing style with Jane’s assistance."

Maxine Libertini: Law Degree student

"Jane is an amazing teacher.  My school predicted me a ‘D’ in GCSE English Literature, but after 10 lessons with Jane, I got an ‘A’!!  I can't thank Jane enough, she really helped build my confidence in understanding literature and how to answer the exam questions.   I always looked forward to our lessons and I will definitely be going back for help with my ‘A’ levels."

Esme Bavington, GCSE Literature

"I love the calm environment at Jane’s; this showed as I received 2 ‘B’ grades at GCSE in Language and Literature and due to Jane sparking an interest in literature for me, I have decided to take it as one of my A levels, so I have happily returned for her help with it !!"

Sherfi Shelton, GCSE Literature and Language

"Jane is not only a very professional and highly enthusiastic teacher but she is a great human being. I have been having lessons for more than 4 years with Jane and during this time our relationship has been fantastic, not only as a teacher and student but also as a friend. I am not exaggerating when I say that Jane is a ‘walking dictionary’, I admire how she ‘plays’ with vocabularies, phrases and idioms. Having Jane on my side I succeeded in IELTS, scoring 7 overall. In addition, whenever I needed help to write a professional letter or a research proposal and so on, Jane would support me with her academic knowledge and experience. A massive “thank you” for your great support and future help Jane!"

Eniko Csiszar, IELTS

"With Jane's help I was able to transform my language and my life.  Thank you for help with the exams, for opening my eyes to the  beauty of the English language, and for the preparation towards a job  interview."

Pawel Dolny, Pronunciation and reduction of accent, Functional  Skills Level 2

"A big thank you for all your help; everything paid off as I achieved an A*! Will miss you a lot!"

Shilpa Kumar, A Level English Literature

"I got an 'A' in English Language and an 'A' in English Literature! Thank you for all your help."

Julian Nyugen, GCSE English

"Thank you for all the guidance and support you've given me over the last year and a half, and thanks for not making any of the lessons feel like hard work because I really did end up enjoying every single one, even though I definitely wasn't expecting to at the beginning! I achieved high 'B' grades in English Language and Literature."

Nedeesha Weerasuriya, GCSE

"I got a B in English Language, I would just like to say thanks so much for your help, I don't think I would have got it otherwise!"

Charlie Cresswell, English Language GCSE

"Thank you Jane for assisting me with my dissertation. Your passion, talent, dedication and enthusiasm have inspired me to become a better writer. You helped me achieve a 2:1 in my dissertation and a First in my final major project. Thank you for motivating me to believe in my own abilities. I constantly left feeling inspired after your lessons and I am more than willing to pass on your details due to your immeasurable talent. Thank you "

Imahn Robertson-Josephs, Dissertation student

"Many thanks to you Jane for all your input - you made all the difference to Aerin's English results; she achieved high 'B' grades in Literature and Language, while her History result reflected her improved essay & vocab skills too. "

Sheila Thompson, Mother of Aerin, GCSE

"Jane assisted me immensely in my studies, providing me with the resources and confidence required to achieve the best possible grades at A level - I achieved an A* "

Ewan Turner, A Level English Literature

"For GCSE English Language I gained a B and in English Literature an A. I am so thrilled! Thank you so much for your efforts! "

Jenitta Johny, GCSE English Literature and Language

"Thank you so much Jane for helping me pass my GCSE English Language with a B grade and Literature with a B grade also. Your help and guidance was invaluable, not to mention all the encouragement and faith you had in me. Thanks again! "

Olivia Beasley, GCSE English

"Just wanted to thank you once again for all your support and help with English Literature A level over the past year, I got an A in my coursework and a B for my overall grade. I therefore got into my first choice of Queen Mary University, London. "

Tonya France, A Level Literature

"I achieved a first class honours degree in Fashion Marketing and I simply could not have done it without your academic English help with my dissertation! You have been fantastic and made my learning enjoyable. "

Nina Romano, Dissertation student

"Thanks to Jane, my son passed GCSE English when his school had given up on him. Just one hour a week it took for Jane to build up his confidence. Thank you so much!"

Raheeb's Mom, GCSE English

"Thank you for all your help. I wouldn't have got my 'A' Grade without you."

Jack Conway, 'A' Level English Literature

Helen - "Thanks Jane for all your help, we both went up by two grades in three months with you - Charlotte got a 'B' and I got a 'C'"

Helen Tyler and Charlotte Rollson, 'A' Level English Literature resits

"You gave our daughter, Christy, 8 hours of tuition for her GCSE resit in November 2011; just to let you know she passed with a grade 'C' well over the marks required and a vast improvement on her previous grade! Thanks for all your help"

Steve and Wendy Klim, GCSE English

"I passed! Thank you so much for your help and support"

Lisa Cunningham, TEFL Trinity Course

"Not only did I pass, but I got really positive feedback and praise for my development! Jane, thank you so so so much!!! I am so delighted, and relieved!!"

Ciara Smythe, academic English and proof reading for postgraduate degree

"Thank you so much for helping me and being a fab tutor!
You have given me back my confidence and broadened my knowledge of English."

Claire Brookes, Literacy/GCSE Student

"Jane is a talented tutor, she has taught me the power of the English language, when used correctly."

Hussein Ali, ESOL student

"Jane made learning enjoyable and enabled me to complete my dissertation."

Lisa Albans, Graduate student

"Thanks Jane for helping me improve from a very likely fail to a Grade B pass by explaining the point of poetry!'

Craig Saxelby, GCSE English

"My son got a grade F in his English Language GCSE mock exam at school and his English teacher decided to enter him for the Foundation Exam. His teacher was also reluctant to enter him for the English Literature GCSE exam as he was not expected to pass. He started to have a weekly lesson with Jane just after Easter. She helped him with his exam technique and really increased his confidence and understanding of the questions. He was enthusiastic about his lesson and appreciated the one to one attention. He passed both exams this summer - English Literature with a B, and English Language with a C."

Anju and Craig Taylor, GCSE English

"Jane's lessons are great, she's talented, enthusiastic and fun to work with. I'm not only a more confident and fluent speaker, she also introduced me to the beauty of English poetry and language. Jane loves what she's doing and everything is tailored to individual needs"

Ellen Gravklev (English as a second language student)

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